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6 reasons why natural stone is the best material for landscape & masonry projects

Our contractor customers often tell us they wish all their clients would choose natural stone because the results are unrivaled by any other building material and the best way for a contractor to sell more jobs is to prove that they can deliver amazing results. But it's no secret that natural stone is often more expensive than manmade materials. So how do you assure your clients that stone is worth the higher price? We've got six reasons why smart homeowners choose natural stone for their landscape and masonry projects.

1 | Unique Beauty

No one wants their home to look just like every other house on the street. That's the beauty of natural stone. Just like fingerprints, no two pieces of stone are exactly alike, ensuring every installation is completely unique. Genuine stone also connects a home or building to the natural environment in a way no other building or landscaping material can. The authentic, rich colours and thoroughly random texture of stone simply cannot be duplicated by products manufactured with artificial pigments, using the same mould over and over again.

2 | Durability

Homeowners want to know they are spending their money wisely. Natural stone is a smart investment. Chips, gouges or scratches on wood or concrete products are immediately recognizable because they expose the raw material underneath. Stone has the same composition all the way through so normal wear and tear doesn't alter its appearance. Even small chips and scratches are difficult to spot.

Natural stone is resistant to decay and less susceptible to frost damage than other materials. While manufactured products eventually break down and show their age, natural stone stands the test of time. Concrete crumbles. Wood rots. Stone endures.

3 | Versatility

Your clients have a vision for their home and your livelihood depends on how successfully you can bring that vision to life. With so many different types, colours, textures, finishes, patterns, shapes and sizes available, there is a natural stone product to complement any design style, from classical to contemporary. Stone is also remarkably workable. For centuries, craftsmen have used it to fashion beautiful, functional and utterly unique pieces that serve many different purposes. These days, we can cut, profile and finish stone to meet your exact project requirements in our on-site fabrication shop.

4 | Sustainability

Stone is 100% made from nature, by nature. It requires no chemicals or hazardous additives and does not produce harmful off-gases, like many other building materials. Compared to manufactured alternatives, like brick and concrete, it uses little energy in its extraction and production.

Most of the stone in our yard comes from right here in Ontario, reducing the fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas creation associated with transportation. And, because it holds its value indefinitely, stone no longer required for its original purpose is often reclaimed and used elsewhere. No other building material is as environmentally friendly as natural stone.

5 | Increased Property Value

Building and renovation projects are expensive and homeowners want reassurance that their investment will pay off in the long run. Stone is a sought-after building material that adds lasting value to a home. Whether it is used outdoors or in, in the landscaping or on the house itself, natural stone never goes out of style. Unlike manufactured products that become dated over time, the beauty of natural stone endures, adding long-term value to any property.

6 | Ease of Maintenance

Your clients want to spend their time enjoying their home, not maintaining it. Stone is inherently beautiful and requires very little effort to keep it that way. While other products need to be sealed, stained or painted regularly, stone develops a natural patina that only enhances its beauty. As with any material, stains should be cleaned up quickly to keep them from becoming permanent. However, under ordinary circumstances, regular sweeping and an occasional wash with the garden hose is all that is required to keep natural stone looking beautiful for years.