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Rock salt scattered on a natural stone surface


Rock salt, or Sodium Chloride, is the most cost-effective and commonly used de-icing product available. 



  • Fast-acting and effective at temperatures well below average for Southern Ontario winters
  • Highly effective anti-caking agent keeps salt free-flowing, reducing waste and downtime due to equipment blockages
  • Long shelf life - when stored properly, rock salt never loses its de-icing capabilities



When it comes to buying salt, the choice is yours. Simply select the option that best suits your business.

Direct Shipment | Secure your salt supply by ordering in advance and having it shipped to your yard in 20-tonne loads.

  • Preferred pricing adds directly to your bottom line
  • Stocking salt before winter protects you from shortages and price increases

Grab & Go Salt on Demand | Pick up your salt as needed from our convenient location in north Burlington.

  • Help is available when you need it with around-the-clock service during winter weather events
  • Trust that you're getting what you pay for - all loads are weighed using a certified truck scale


Be prepared when winter weather strikes. Order the salt you need from the supplier you trust and head into winter worry-free.